Robyn (uninnocent) wrote in tehgutter,

Um. Does anyone know anything about the status of Howie? I just, I haven't talked to him in AGES and I know he took a fandom break or whatever, but I've been out of the loop and I miss him. A lot.

So. If anyone has talked to him, I can respect if he still doesn't want to talk to fandom people and I'm not asking you to, I don't know, leak his personal email address or anything.

Just, if anyone knows if he's okay, it would make me feel really good to hear it.

...Is it lame that I'm actually sniffling right now? He probably doesn't even remember who I am anymore. Probably lots of you don't remember me. I'm never on MSN anymore.

Blarg. Emo.

♥ ♥ ♥
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