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Fanfic poll

Hello my lovely gutterpirates. Lots of you probably don't know me as I am the lurkiest of lurkers and I'm not around on MSN as much as in days of yore (leaving university and starting an actual job is a killer as far as online time goes).I do miss y'all, though, so if you see me online do invite me to chat.

Anyway, I've popped up here in the hopes some of you might like to help me out. I've been asked to write a paper on teenagers and fanfiction / online literature, and I'm just gathering a little bit of vague information. As most of you are still teenagers or just over, you fit nicely into my area of interest. It would be really lovely if you'd pop over to my LJ and fill out this poll. The actual poll should only take a few minutes. If you'd like to make a few comments on what you think about fanfic, what it means to you, etc that would be even better.

Thanks my loves!

~ Your friendly ship old lady <3

*goes back to lurkerage*
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